The Schlosswirt Rolls Royce

A real eye-catcher at any event.

Whether as a surprise for Mother's Day or for your wedding. Our Rolls Royce is a real eye-catcher at any event.

What a way to make a stylish start to marriage! Leave nothing to chance and maintain style. What better way to arrive than with a Rolls Royce?
But not just for a wedding! Surprise your loved one on their birthday with a nostalgic trip through the Salzkammergut or pick up mum for Mother's Day with our Rolls Royce.

Please note that our Rolls Royce is not suitable to drive during the winter and therefore cannot be rented during the winter months.
If you are interested, please send us an inquiry or contact us by phone.

Price per commenced hour, including chauffeur in appropriate attire, from € 170.00

One family, one team

The Schlosswirt team is a big family. Stephan Gassner, the middle son of the Gassner family, has been running the hotel since 2018 with a great deal of warmth and closeness to the staff.
Become part of the family!