Holiday with your dog

Your four-legged friend will love it here too

The Gassner family and the entire Schlosswirt team love dogs! So, we are glad if you bring your four-legged friend to us at Schlosswirt!

Your dog may be taken to your room, to the garden and also in the restaurant - except for class 1 and 2 list dogs according to German classification.
We charge EUR 10.00 per dog, per day, plus a one-time charge of EUR 25.00 for the final cleaning.

Your dog is not only allowed here, but is most welcome!

Animal-loving employees

Our employees are used to dogs and enjoy having them around. As a dog-friendly hotel, we cater to the needs of your four-legged friend.

Our dog-inclusive services

On request we will be happy to arrange appointments for:

Excursion possibilities with your dog:


    in walking distance

    Refreshing river for humans and animals



    Waldbad Nature Park

    Access also allowed for dogs in the off season.



    Visit the zoo with a dog

    An intense but fun adventure



    Absolutely beautiful

    Easy to reach with the cable car - also with the dog!



    Dog meadow

    Generous castle park and dog meadow to romp around


Swimming with your dog

There are many possibilities in the Schlosswirt area for water rats, but also for those four-legged friends who simply enjoy cooling off their paws. On the one hand our small own stream for a short dip, or Salzburg’s lakes and rivers for an extensive swim. Water fun with your dog creates variety and mobilizes the joints.

Swimming possibilities with your dog in the Schlosswirt area:
Königseeache - approx. 5 minutes
Waldbad Anif (only in the off season) - approx. 5 minutes
Hintersee (near Ramsau, Germany) - approx. 30 minutes
Königssee (Germany) - approx. 20 minutes
Fuschlsee (at the public lake areas) - approx. 30 minutes
Dog beach at Hintersee - approx. 40 minutes
Wolfgangsee (Fürberg bay) - approx. 40 minutes
distance by car from Schlosswirt

Faros is looking forward to you

"I can only recommend a holiday with us at Schlosswirt. Not only because I am the best company, but there is a lot to sniff and find during fun walks around Schlosswirt and if one looks sweet, one always gets a treat from the employees!"

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One family, one team

The Schlosswirt team is a big family. Stephan Gassner, the middle son of the Gassner family, has been running the hotel since 2018 with a great deal of warmth and closeness to the staff.
Become part of the family!

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