Two days in Salzburg

Two days of sightseeing

Within two days you can easily visit plenty attractions in Salzburg.

Beyond the centre there is Schloss Hellbrunn. Its setting is marvellous and the park with its waterplays and fountains are worth to see. After that you can go for a walk through the Salzburg Zoo.

After lunch at the restaurant Hellbrunn it's time to visit the centre of Salzburg.

If you stroll through the streets of the centre, you will see Mozart's birthplace. It's located in the middle of the famous Getreidegasse. There you can find lot of shops and lovely cafés. 

At Haus der Natur (house of nature) is for everyone something! Since 1924 the museum has a various program. Beside the regional and international exibition, there's also a classic museum of natural science and a zoo department.

After that it's time for a break, the Stieglkeller has one of the most beautiful pub gardens in Salzburg! If you would like to taste the austrian variety, try the Salzburger Nockerl and a cold austrian beer!

Start the second day with a cozy breakfast at the hotel and take a walk through the woods, or go for a swim at the Waldbad Anif.

Afterwards there are various shopping possibilities in the centre of Salzburg. Especially the Getreidegasse is famous for its small and sophisticated shops and cafés.

After a short break with a cup of coffee and an austrian cake you can go for a walk through the old town. You will pass the Salzburger Dom (cathedral of Salzburg). It's a baroquean cathedral with a hight of 81m. On the corner there is the 

DomQuartier Salzburg, which offers an insight into the baroque past of Salzburg.

The museum of modern art on the Mönchsberg has acquired a great reputation when it comes to the artistic representation of contemporary art.

Finally you can go back to the Schlosswirt zu Anif and enjoy a classy dinner with traditional austrian delights. The perfect end of a day in Salzburg!