Theme weeks at the Schlosswirt

This is how Salzburg tastes!

The keyword is seasonality. Our cuisine focuses on seasonally ingredients, this is why we offer theme weeks. We serve the best of every season!


In spring we serve dishes with asparagus. And in autmn and winter the vansion is dedicated the menu. Besides there are lots of other delights like mushrooms, goose or fawn.


This is why we decided to offer our guests a Culinary Calendar.

So that you not only know in which region you presently are, but also in which month. 

Culinary calendar:



27.03. - 07.04.

Lamb Week

24.04. - 02.06.

Asparagus & Strawberrys

09.10. - 20.10.


09.11. - 17.11.



New Year´s Dinner