The history of the Schlosswirt

A house with a tradition

All started in the 16th century. The farm originally belonged to the archbishops and sovereigns of Salzburg. At that time it bore the name Schönauergut.

1607 the farm was then awarded the full licence to serve alcoholic beverages. Then it was called die obere Taverne or simply obere Wirt.

Since 1843 when the bavarian Count Alois of Arco-Steppberg bought the inn including its agriculture and butchery, it is part of the estate of Anif and bears the present name Schlosswirt.

At the current 1st and ground floor the construction method of the 16th century is still visible. Also the outer walls have to be mentioned.

You will be astonished by the marble window jambs or by the street gate whos door refers to the era of late Gothic.


The roof however is considerarbly younger and can probably be dated to 1763. 1843 further amendments were made by the earlier mentioned Count Arco-Steppberg.